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Kauai's weather is beautiful year round, therefore you needn't spend too much time worrying about what time of year to get married on The Garden Isle. On average, the warmest month is August and the coolest is January. The most rain usually occurs in December. However, the amount of rain and frequency of rain on Kauai is often misunderstood. Much of Kauai's rainfall happens at night. The showers that do occur are usually short, many with colorful rainbows following. The mountainous, central part of the island receives much more rain than the coast. Mount Waialeale is the wettest spot on earth with an average of 444 inches of rain per year. The trade winds in Kauai are another factor providing great weather for visitors. The winds are generally light and help blow away much of the humidity and are, for the most part, kindly absent in the winter.

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Average Temperature:
Winter  -- 78 degrees
Summer  -- 85 degrees
Highest Recorded Temperature:
91 degrees F
Lowest Recorded Temperature:
46 degrees F
The summit of Waialeale is among the wettest spots in the world with an average annual rainfall of 444 inches. Average rainfall at Poipu Beach is 35 inches per year.

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